Your Faith Has Made You Well: Jesus Heals In the New Testament


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Reading this book soothed places I didn’t know had been hurting. I bought two more to help two friends. The author helped lead me to new awareness and clarity about some of my own self imposed prisons. Once chapter led me to take the hand of Jesus and walk through the bars of my prison. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing your spiritual insight.


Mary Ellen Green


Barbara Hosbach has delved into the depths of her soul to write YOUR FAITH HAS MADE YOU WELL…In every one of the twenty-five accounts of Christ’s healing miracles, Hosbach points out nuances the average person has never considered. She deftly engages the reader by relating the story to his or her own experiences…

Every chapter ends with questions to ponder and a prayer to help make the changes necessary to bring peace to our souls. This is a book to refer to again and again.


Pat Patan


While I loved her first book and expected a wonderful second book, I never anticipated the wonderful depth and power that Your Faith Has Made You Well presents. Hosbach has an ability to take a verse and shine the light of her wisdom and reflections with weighty simplicity. She shares her thoughts with warmth and understanding, touching her readers.


In twenty-five chapters this author brings us to a deeper understanding of the eternal view of healing. In chapters such as Healing From Shame and Being Open to God, she takes a verse and presents her understanding of the characters, situations, and grace of each healing.


At the end of each chapter the author helps the reader gain understanding by posting questions that are related to the biblical story. Finally each chapter ends with a prayer that encourages the reader to reach out to Jesus for a healing of their own. As a retired nurse, who saw and experienced so much suffering and pain in my work, the prayer that touched me the most was:

“When what I’ve seen of suffering and cruelty overwhelms me. Lord, remind me that your love is bigger than all the pain and sorrow in the world.”


I highly recommend this book. I think it would be great as a study guide in Catholic high schools and parishes. I plan to use in with my own Bible study group. It is due to be published by Paulist Press this fall. Keep it on your ‘Must Read’ list.


Karen Kelly Boyce


Another great book by Barbara Hosbach. In this writing she has been able to take the bible stories we have all heard a hundred times and peel back the top layer to expose the reader to what may be happening underneath the familiar tale…Hosbach enables the reader to think more deeply into the story being told.


This book was even better than her first and gives you plenty of time to ask yourself questions and put yourself in similar situations to those healed or looking for healing…A wonderful read.


Jack B.


I’m not a religious person, but I got a lot out of this book. The author explained each passage in modern terms and in the context of its place in the Bible…I enjoyed how the author explained the conflicts and relevance of each passage.




Thank you Barbara Hosbach for writing, exclusively for me, “Your Faith Has Made You Well.” …These daily scripture readings, meditations and questions to ponder offered by Barbara Hosbach will advance the healing process by bringing you closer to the Healer and disposing you to receive His healing touch.


Don Mulcare





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Your Faith Has Made You Well: Jesus Heals in the New Testament explores what happened when Jesus healed, what it might have been like for the people involved, and what it means for us today.

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