book image“Many think that holiness is the same as human or moral perfection. The Bible and Barbara Hosbach will show you that God has always used little and imperfect instruments to do good and Godly things. You would be a fool yourself not to get on board.”  Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M.


“Barbara Hosbach makes the characters of the Bible come alive for her readers. The real life conflicts of Biblical figures are transported across time to the issues of faith people confront in daily life. This book is an invitation for people to see their story as part of salvation history.”  Rev. Mark-David Janus, CSP, President and Publisher, Paulist Press


“Barbara does a superb job of humanizing scripture characters. In breaking open their human nature, she invites us to confront our own identity as workers in His Vineyard. The discussion questions at the end of each chapter are wonderful tools for either self reflection or small group dialogue. I would recommend this book for any adult faith formation group.” Sara Sharlow, Diocesan Director of the RCIA, Diocese of Metuchen, N.J


“Barbara Hosbach, using her profound understanding of Scripture, has brought light and life to the words of the Bible. From Rebecca the manipulative mother to Deborah the brave, this author guides us to a perception that relates the tales of the Bible to our modern problems. As she gently introduces us to characters like Leah the belittled and Joseph of Arimathea, this talented author poses questions that show that these characters faced dilemmas no different that the modern struggles we all face. Fools, Liars, Cheaters, and Other Bible Heroes is the best Bible guide I have ever read…A must read!”  Karen Kelly Boyce, author of Down Right Good and Sisters of the Last Straw.


“Barbara Hosbach is a parishoner of Saint Aloysius Church, and I have had the privlege of knowing and working with her for several years, now. Barbara has been a member of our RCIA team and has run several retreats and evenings of reflection for the RCIA. She puts her whole heart into every endeavor she makes, and makes an impact on every person to whom she ministers…Barbara approaches all things with a deep, prayerful spirituality, and a unique perspective. Whether in conversation, or in her written reflections, Barbara conveys the truths about our faith and God’s communication with us in a fresh, accessible way.”  Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry, Pastoral Associate, St. Aloysius Church, Jackson, N.J.