Saturday Spotlight – Gideon



Gideon wondered how he could possibly rescue Israel from enemy forces. He was a nobody. His seeming insignificance didn’t worry God, though. If we supply the willingness, God supplies the power to do whatever he calls us to do.


Gideon became a man on a mission, amassing an army of thirty-two thousand–far too many for God’s purposes. God wanted it clear that the victory would be due to his power alone. God had Gideon send home twenty-two thousand soldiers that were afraid to fight. Although a huge loss, eliminating those who were afraid made psychological sense. Cowardice on the front lines might have been contagious. Gideon’s force had been reduced by two-thirds. Surely he was stepping out in faith, wasn’t he? Nope. Still too many. God instructed Gideon to reduce the army further, selecting only three hundred to fight by the way they drank water. By God’s power, Gideon and these three hundred were victorious over the Midianites.


What does Gideon’s story have to do with us? If God is love, why would he prepare us for battle? Maybe we need to stand up for ourselves in an abusive relationship or an unacceptable work environment. Maybe we’re being called to resist the enemy voices in our own heads–voices that bully us or camouflage themselves as false humilty, telling us we dare not venture outside our comfort zone. “I’m not good enough,” isn’t humility speaking; it’s fear.


Are you being called to do battle against some oppresive force–either internal or external–in your life? If so, how can Gideon’s story help you address the issue?


Adapted from “Fools, Liars, Cheaters & Other Bible Heroes”

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It is reassuring that Jesus called fishermen and tax collectors to be his followers. These were laymen, not Scripture experts. It is wise to seek guidance from religious scholars and clergy who have studied Scripture to avoid errors in interpretation. But the Bible is also a gift given to each of us, to use as a basis for prayer and meditation.


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